Curtis Sergeant

From 1991 to 2002, I worked as a missionary in China. My family and I arrived on an island with a population of about 7 million and fewer than 100 known Christians worshipping in unregistered churches. Historically, this island was where the Chinese government exiled criminals and those who had fallen out of favor. It was a poor, resentful and violent place. It was, literally, “the ends of the earth.” By 2008, there were more than 500,000 followers of Christ.

I quit working there in 1996 because it was already clear that the local believers did not need outside assistance. They were making disciples on their own – and transforming the culture in the process. These house churches were simple; but the members loved God, loved God’s word, loved each other and loved the lost. God worked powerfully through these simple groups to transform lives of new believers, and to multiply new disciples. Over time, God used these bands of transformed believers to transform the culture.

Though difficult, these were the most blessed years of my life. I learned what it meant to be a disciple – to truly follow Jesus. Together with my Chinese brothers and sisters, I learned how to make disciples … teaching them to obey all Jesus’ commands. I experienced God’s power at work through me and around me. I saw God change lives.

When I moved back to the United States, I found that many American believers have never experienced God working in this way. When I tried to introduce the disciple-making concepts that were foundational to the work God did in China, I encountered blank stares.

Most of us cannot merely hear the principles then put them into practice. We need to see, feel, taste, touch and experience before we can implement. This is the goal of MetaCamp: to teach you the principles for multiplying discipleship; and to put them into practice – at MetaCamp – so you can continue to put them into practice in your own life and teach them to others.

This is the “big idea” of MetaCamp: to provide an experiential learning environment for reproductive disciple-making. This is a way to obey the first commandment ever given: “Be fruitful and multiply.” “Meta” is a Greek prefix, usually meaning “beyond.” MetaCamp is beyond the “normal” camp experience.

For more information about me, visit my website at I am an MK (missionary kid) from Asia who served with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board as a missionary for a number of years among unreached people groups in China and as a global trainer. I also served as a VP (for Global Strategy) with the IMB before leaving to help start the P.E.A.C.E. Plan at Saddleback Church where I directed their church planting efforts for more than five years. I served as a VP with e3 Partners Ministry for three years before moving to Alabama. I still serve with them as a consultant.  I also work with 1 Body Ministries out of Tampa, Florida.

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