MetaCamp Discipleship

curtis-sergeantMetaCamp Discipleship is led by Curtis Sergeant  who leads training events both on-site in Dadeville, Alabama and “on the road” for other organizations or churches. The training events utilize biblical principles and are participative and experiential in nature. They are a cross between a military boot camp, a mountain-climbing base camp and an athletic training camp. The intended outcome is for people to become more fruitful disciples of Christ. Training topics include how to make multiplying disciples and start multiplying simple churches; how to strategize to reach an entire people group or geographic area; how to work with oral learners; and how to effectively integrate wholistic ministry into your disciple-making.

Training events can be scheduled at the MetaCamp facility in Dadeville, Alabama or at another site around the USA or around the world.  You can see a list of upcoming events on this site’s calendar.

If you are unable to come to a live event then you can schedule your own local event using online video training content.  To do that you need a minimum of four participants who will go through the training together.  You can go through abbreviated versions of modules 1 (Multiplying Disciples and Simple Churches), module 2 (Stewarding Networks of Simple Churches), and module 3 (Multiplying Disciples Among Oral Learners).  You can also access a printed version of module 4 (Community Transformation) at that site.

You can also download the following versions of the module 1 training booklet on Multiplying Disciples and Simple Churches:

I am second version (original)

3/3 version

Compact 3/3 version

Micro 3/3 version

You can download the module 4 booklet on Community Transformation here.

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