Session 1:

• The Basics of Multiplication

• Teaching Obedience, not just Knowledge

• How to Listen and Hear from God

Tools: SOAPS Bible Reading Program; Accountability Groups Guide

Session 2:

• Becoming Producers Rather than Consumers

• Self-feeding in Scripture, Prayer, Body Life, Persecution and Suffering

• If we are going to make disciples who multiply, then we must equip them to be producers, not merely consumers, of spiritual truth!

Tools: The Prayer Cycle; List of 100/Relational Network

Session 3:

The Greatest Blessing

Tools: Preparing and Sharing Your Testimony

Session 4:

• Spiritual Economy

• Baptism

Tools: Sharing the Gospel; “Creation to Judgment” Story

Session 5:

•Eyes to See where the Kingdom Isn’t Developing an awareness of where the Kingdom is growing and where it is not)

Tools: Prayerwalking; B.L.E.S.S. Prayers

Session 6:

• Faithfulness

• The Lord’s Supper
 (Deepening faithfulness through obedience)

Tools: 3/3rds Group Modeling Video

Session 7:

• The Training Cycle: Model, Assist, Watch. Leave (How every disciple is made)

Tools: 3/3rds Group

Session 8: • Leadership Cells (Training and equipping a group for rapid multiplication)

Tools: 3/3rds Group

Session 9:

•A Simultaneous, Non-Sequential Process

Tools: Peer Mentoring; Four Fields; Generational Map

Session 10:

•Part of Two Churches

• Networks of Simple Churches

• Pace (Every disciple needs a place to learn, a place to lead, and the passion and urgency to help complete the Great Commission)

Tools: 3-Month Plan

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