In the past twenty years there has been the revival of an old spiritual phenomenon: church planting movements (CPMs).  CPMs are essentially a rapid reproduction of disciple-makers which result in the formation of new spiritual communities.  I have been involved in initiating some of these myself and have successfully trained people all over the world to initiate them in many different contexts.

When I (Curtis, the team leader) moved to the United States after spending most of my life in Asia, I found that whenever I introduced the disciple-making concepts that are foundational to CPMs, I encountered blank stares.  I discovered that most people cannot merely hear the principles and then apply them to their own lives and ministries.  Instead, they need to see, feel, taste, touch and experience these practices and then they are able to implement and replicate them.

This is the “big idea” of MetaCamp: to provide an experiential learning environment for reproductive disciple-making.  This is a way to obey the first commandment ever given: “Be fruitful and multiply.”  “Meta” is a Greek prefix, usually meaning “beyond.”  The meta-camp is beyond the “normal” camp experience.

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