The enormous investment that Curtis and MetaCamp made in my walk with Christ and the expansion of the Kingdom is well worth the small financial and time investment that I made to come.  I’m going to tell everyone I know of MetaCamp and can’t wait to implement the practices that I’ve learned.  Thanks!
-Josh L., Alabama

MetaCamp gave me the tools necessary to go out and fulfill God’s calling on my life to make disciples.  But I left with more than just tools.  I left transformed.
-Matt C., Alabama

A discipleship process that is fueled by prayer, compelled by the love of Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit.  This is how Jesus made disciples, that made disciples, that made disciples, that changed the world for the glory of God – and we can too, by His love and power.
-David B., Mississippi

What an encouragement to be in the presence of others who have been nudged by the Holy Spirit in the same way that I have.
-Suzanne F., Alabama

 After doing church all my life, what a revelation to discover a disciple-making movement!
-Jill W., Mississippi

MetaCamp is an answer to prayer.  For many years I have been seeking a better way to be a disciple and to make disciples.  MetaCamp does that and more.  It teaches you how to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.  In other words, how to obey the Great Commission.  It is my prayer that the entire Church of North America will go to MetaCamp.
-George W., Mississippi


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