The Big Idea

The idea behind MetaCamp is this: to give ordinary believers a week to learn about, experience and practice the simple but profound principles of reproductive disciplemaking.

I had the joy of experiencing this in China. During the past twenty-five years there has been the revival of an old spiritual phenomenon: the rapid multiplication of simple house churches. These are called “church planting movements” (CPMs). CPMs are essentially a rapid reproduction of disciple-makers which result in the formation of new spiritual communities. I have been involved in initiating some of these myself and have successfully trained people all over the world to initiate them in many different contexts.

This is a way to obey the first commandment ever given: “Be fruitful and multiply.” “Meta” is a Greek prefix, usually meaning “beyond.” MetaCamp is beyond the “normal” camp experience.

Watch the movie below to hear more about the kind of disciple-making we talk about.

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