What to Expect

Ready to experience a weeklong module at MetaCamp? Below are some details to help you prepare for your time with us.

We will spend part of one day in Auburn practicing what we have learned while the remainder of our time will be spent on-site.  Many of the sessions will be done in small groups and will be highly interactive and participative in nature.

We are primarily set up to house participants in all-male and all-female bunkrooms and community bathrooms. We can occasionally accommodate a couple in a small camper.  We have overflow housing in a trailer, although it only has an outdoor shower.  If you are a local participant, you may choose to sleep at your own house.  If you prefer, you may consider renting a room at the Creekside Lodge nearby (creeksidelodgelakemartin.com (256) 307-1440).  They will give you a discount if you mention MetaCamp.  You could also opt to stay in tents on-site.  We will reduce your training fee to $400 if you stay off-site or to $420 if you stay in a tent.  Please let us know upon registering if you will be staying anywhere other than the bunkrooms.
What to Bring
You will need casual clothing, comfortable walking shoes, toiletries, your Bible, and a pen.
Phone and Internet
Verizon has a decent signal at our location while others are spotty.  We have internet service in the main building.
Start and Finish Times
We will begin the first session at 1:00pm on Monday and conclude by 1:00pm on Friday.  You need to be on-site and ready to go by the first session and plan to stay through the last session.  With previous notification and good reason, we can make exceptions for the time of departure on Friday.  It is CRITICAL that you not miss any sessions on Monday through
Thursday because of the nature of the small-group work.  A missing group member will take away from the experience for the remainder of the group.
The closest airport is in Montgomery and is an hour away.  The closest hub is Atlanta which is just under two hours away.  The Birmingham airport is two hours away as well.  Unless you are coming as part of a group, we will be unable to provide transport from the airport.  You will need to arrange your own ground transportation.
MetaCamp is located at 460 Civitan Road, Dadeville, AL 36853.
Contact Curtis Sergeant at 214-802-6850 or curtis.sergeant@metacamp.org.
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