Go Further

Anyone who lives in the USA and hasn’t been hiding under a rock this year knows that our nation is highly dissatisfied, discontent and divided.  The recent elections and post-election events have made that fact even more obvious.  There have been widespread demonstrations that have highlighted some of the issues that have people concerned.  There is an entire other list of anxieties which would have been raised if Clinton had won.  With either group, the people who are concerned need to realize two facts.  First, the solutions cannot and will not be found in either candidate or in any other political or other human leader.  Second, their stated desires do not go far enough or deep enough.  They need to look deeper.  They need to go further.

Below are some refrains or slogans that have shown up at recent demonstrations:

Let’s Go to Canada
Many people expressed a desire to leave our country and move to Canada.  Go further.  What they really desire cannot be found in Canada either.  What they desire can only be found in the Kingdom of God.

Not My President
One of the most common recent slogans has been “not my president.”  Fair enough.  But no candidate can truly deserve our full loyalty.  Only the King of kings and Lord of lords is worthy.  Go further.

Black Lives Matter
This is another common slogan.  Again, very true.  Go further.  All lives matter. Only in Christ can anyone attain the level of respect they deserve.

Respect Women
Many women in our country are feeling as if they are considered second-class citizens.  In some ways they are correct.  What they really need is not merely respect, but to be deeply valued and treasured.  They can only be properly appreciated through being rightly related to God. Go further.

Clean Air and Water
Some people are concerned that our country is not paying enough attention to caring for the environment.  True enough.  It isn’t just air and water, however. We have failed to be good stewards and caretakers of all creation.  Go further.

Stop Racism
Virtually every person alive would at least pay lip service to this idea.  Go further.  We need to admire and even sacrifice for people of every background.

Viva la Raza (long live the people…Mexican slogan)
Yes, long live the Mexican people.  Long live every people.  Eternally.  Go further.

Climate Change is Real
Yes, the climate is being negatively impacted by human activity.  In the same way, societies, relationships, and the broader environment, are being negatively impacted by our collective irresponsibility.  We need to take seriously God’s assignment to care for creation. Go further.

Save Health Care
God cares about people’s health and well-being.  He is concerned for “the least of these.”  He also desires people to be prosperous and joyful and wise.  Go further.

LGBT Power
What the LGBT community really needs is salvation of their body, soul, and spirit.  They need to experience the power that can only come from becoming all the Lord intends for them to be.  Go further.

Hate Won’t Win
Absolutely!  More than that, love WILL win.  Go further.

I Won’t Live in Fear
That is wonderful.  What we really need is more than that.  We need to live in love. Perfect love casts out fear. Go further.

Si Se puede (“yes it’s possible” in Spanish)
Yes it is.  Unfortunately, those who are saying this have a very pale and weakly aspiration that may not be fulfilled in the way they foresee.  What will be done ultimately is God’s will. That is far more than they imagine.  Go further.

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