Involves Every Disciple

One of the ObeyGC2 values is that work involves every member.

That is, every member of the church. This is for practical as well as theological reasons. Practically speaking, “Many hands make light work.” One of the major reasons the giants of spiritual lostness, self-centered leadership, poverty, illness and ignorance are so large and so widespread and so severe is that in many respects only “professionals” have been engaged in battling them. Most ordinary people are not involved in dealing with medical issues because they view that as the realm of medical professionals. Most education issues are left to the educational professionals. Most church-planting is left to religious professionals, and so on. There is not a good reason for this. There are basic but important contributions which can and should be made by ordinary people with basic equipping in all these areas. If more people were making such contributions then the professionals could have a significant amount of their time and resources freed up to deal with the more advanced issues that do require professional intervention. Two billion people claim to be Christians. What if all of these were regularly using their discretionary time to minister in simple ways to battle these evil giants?

God has made it clear that as His family, His body, His bride, His followers, we are to be involved in meeting needs in these various areas. Jesus spent His time doing that. He taught His disciples to do that. The Bible tells us to do that. The Holy Spirit guides us to do that. There are a few fringe theologians who believe that Jesus’ commands to His disciples, such as the Great Commission, were only given to the Twelve. If that is the case then we are “off the hook” so to speak. Unfortunately for those of us who are lazy, those people are regarded as crazy by most of the body of Christ and that thought would have been considered ludicrous throughout church history. The fact of the matter is that God intends for us all to be engaged in service for the Kingdom.

Eph 2:10
10 For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

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