Preparation for 2 Day Training on Making Multiplying Disciples

We’re very excited about the 2 Day Training Module and hope that it will serve you well in your preparation to make disciples! The one downside of the 2 Day modules is that it doesn’t give us as much time together. Because of our limited amount time, it will be very helpful for you to prepare for training in advance.

Below we’ve outlined what you can do beginning 7 days prior to the MetaCamp 2 Day Training Module.

Beginning 1 week before training: Read chapter 5-7 of Matthew at least ten times throughout the week.

7 days before training: Preview CHAT questions.

6 days before training: Complete List of 100 and pick 5 people for practice.

5 days before training: Go through Spiritual Preparation document.

4 days before training: Write out testimony using the guide.

3 days before training: Go through Wesley’s Self Examination Quiz.

2 days before training: Learn to share the gospel.

1 day before training: Compose your own version of the Prayer of Confession.

Download the Preparation materials for the 2-day training on Making Multiplying Disciples here.

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