Persecution & Suffering: 49

Here is a list of benefits of persecution and suffering if we respond well:

(These are taken from the verses quoted in the blog series.)

Position us to bless others

Test and refine and prove us and our faith

Give us hope

Show us God’s love is unstoppable and He is good and is all we need

Show us God is listening and is near

Bless us

Comfort us

Equip us to comfort others

Prepare us to inherit the Kingdom of heaven

Increase our reward in heaven

Discover our true and real life in the Lord

Help us know Jesus more intimately

Help us become more like Christ and identify with Him more fully

Help us gain more of Jesus’ character

Demonstrate the permanency and power of God’s love for us

Save our lives

Cause us to bear more fruit

Teach us peace

Teach us to hope in our future eternal comfort and blessing

Demonstrate God’s trust in us and honor of us

Give us joy

Announce God’s message broadly

Encourage others in their faith

Show our love to our brothers and sisters in the faith

Shows our worthiness for the Kingdom

Makes room for God’s justice

Shows God’s power in us

Demonstrates God’s life in us

Foreshadows our future glorification (like Jesus’ resurrection)

Causes others to be drawn to the Lord

Results in thanksgiving from others for our sacrificial ministry

Renews us day by day through the Lord

Earns eternal reward

Proves our genuineness

Validates our ministry

Validates our words

Makes our lives known

Enriches the lives of others

Shows where our true riches are, where our hearts are

Keeps us humble

Gives us perseverance, godly character, and hope

Honors us

Shows we are God’s children and heirs of His glory

Demonstrates our conquering lives in the Lord

Advances the gospel

Gives confidence to fellow-believers

Demonstrates our faith in the Lord, which is our righteousness

Shows us the power of Jesus’ resurrection, and helps us share in it

Provides access to Jesus’ life and helps us reign with Him in eternity

Gives us strength to stand

Crowns us with glory and honor

Perfects us

Teaches us obedience

Causes the Lord to be especially attentive to our prayers

Enables us to experience better and lasting possessions

Is a pathway to receive God’s promises

Is the way of salvation

Shows the world is not worthy but the Lord is

Is an opportunity for amazing victories that will glorify the Lord

Is a way the Lord teaches us discipline

Grows us in holiness

Produces a harvest of righteousness and peace in our lives

Produces endurance and perfects us and makes us complete in the Lord

Enables God to demonstrate His compassion and mercy

Proves the genuineness of our faith

Results in praise, glory and honor to the Lord

Helps us find favor with God

Fulfills our calling

Shames the enemies of the Kingdom

Helps free us from sin’s allure

Causes us to live more fully for God’s will and desires

Increases our future joy

Increases the glory of God in our lives and the fullness of the Holy Spirit

Will result in our restoration, strengthening, firmness, and steadfastness

Results in our receiving the victor’s crown

Achieves God’s good purposes in our lives


Desired Responses to persecution and suffering for doing what is right:


Think about God’s perspective on it

Wait for the Lord and rely on Him for relief

Hope in the Lord and seek Him

Quietly submit to the Lord

Humbly respond to the Lord and to the human agents

Do not grumble or complain

Examine our lives

Worship the Lord

Call out to the Lord

Do not fear


Commit our lives to a life of difficult service

Do not be distracted from Kingdom purposes

Seek to please the Lord in the midst of it

Act righteously, even when it will result in persecution

Rejoice greatly

Be glad

Do not resist evil people acting against you

Love your enemies

Pray for those who persecute you

Love God more than anyone, including family members

Count the Lord as more important than anything in life

Be willing to sacrifice everything for Christ

Deny your own will and desires and serve Christ’s purposes daily

Do not be selfish or conceited

Humbly consider others as more important than yourself and serve their interests

Do not use your position to your advantage but rather to serve others

Humble yourself by being willing to suffer for others benefit

Be encouraged

Continue proclaiming the good news of Jesus publicly and privately

Continue teaching others about the Kingdom life publicly and privately

Promote the Kingdom wherever you go

Welcome instruction about the Kingdom even when it leads to suffering

Model service despite suffering for other believers

Imitate followers of Christ who suffer well for serving the Lord

Persevere, demonstrate faith, and endure

Be filled with the Spirit

View the trials as identification with Christ and for His sake

Continue to speak the truths of the Kingdom that you have believed

Do not lose heart

Fix your eyes on the unseen and eternal realities rather than your present situation

Do not cause others to stumble

Show great endurance through every kind of unpleasant circumstance and situation

Live out purity, understanding, patience and kindness

Demonstrate a Spirit-filled life of sincere love, truthful speech and godly power

Show forth righteous living in spiritual warfare in the face of any response

Be content with being considered false, being beaten, poor, sorrowful and dying

Work hard for the Kingdom

Be willing to face every kind of difficulty, danger, discomfort, and sorrow

Be concerned for others welfare

Boast in your weakness

Delight in weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions and difficulties

Glory in your sufferings

Share in Christ’s sufferings

Consider yourself to be a sheep to be slaughtered and sacrificed

Be willing to lose your freedom

Count any and every earthly thing as a loss compared to knowing Christ

Participate in Jesus’ suffering and death willingly

Intentionally suffer through self-discipline as a sacrifice of service

Seek to please the Lord

Consider your service and sacrifice as the “least you can do”

Die to self with Jesus


Practice the Lord’s commands

Serve as Christ’s ambassador and represent His desires and ways to others

Fervently pray with cries and tears to the Lord for His relief

Reverently submit to God

Remember God’s faithfulness in past suffering

Stand with others who are suffering and join them in it

Joyfully accept the confiscation of your property

Live by faith

Do not shrink back from serving or speaking for the Lord

Choose to be mistreated with God’s people rather than hiding your citizenship to escape

Value the treasures of God more than the treasures of this world

Embrace any sacrifice the Lord calls on you to make

Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength

Keep God’s commands

Welcome and choose every form of opposition and pain and discomfort for God’s sake

Resist and struggle against sin, even to death

Do not make light of discipline

Do not lose heart

Endure hardship, knowing its benefits

Respect God and submit to Him

Consider it pure joy

Let endurance have its full result

Be patient and persevere

Bear up under unjust suffering

Patiently endure unjust suffering

Do not commit sin or deceive to escape it.

Do not lash out at those causing you pain

Do not threaten

Entrust yourself to God who will judge righteously

Do not fear threats or be frightened

Revere Christ as Lord

Be prepared to give a witness for your hope, with gentleness and respect

Arm yourself with the purpose to suffer as Christ did and with His attitude

Do not be surprised at fiery ordeals and tests, they are expected and normal

Rejoice at the opportunity to share in Jesus’ sufferings

Be alert and of sober mind

Resist the devil, firm in your faith

Be aware that believers around the world are suffering for their faith

Do not be afraid of future suffering

Be faithful to the point of death

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